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Jun 16 2015 07:22 AM

Author: cesar s

Subject: Hair transplant

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 Human beings have always been concerned about their looks. Even primitive tribes in Africa, Polynesia and Asia resort to adornments and enhancements. Down the centuries fashions have changed and dictated the way people wear hair. There was even a time when powdered wigs for men and women were the norm rather than an exception, though the man (or woman) had a perfectly full crown of hair. Today hair is an indicator of youth and virility. Lack of it in the desired places gives rise to anxieties and rightly so since this generation places undue emphasis on how you look.

Genetics plays a key role in hair loss at a certain age followed by lifestyle, foods, pollution, stress and indifference as well as shampooing using harsh chemicals. It is only when hair is receding and thinning that you wake up and think of taking action. If there are noticeable bald patches taking Propecia or applying lotions is not going to make the hair reappear magically. The best bet is to go for the best hair transplant in Dubai. When it is a matter of looks, you simply cannot afford to compromise on quality and Dubai has clinics that offer the best hair transplant treatments.
Jul 15 2015 02:28 AM

Raina m

Re: Hair transplant

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  Nowadays most of Men and Women are facing the problem of Baldness and Hair Loss. The people are becoming more conscious about their looks and its natural for hair loss to become a cause of worry so Hair Transplantation becomes very common in the present era. Hair Transplantation will be examine when you are facing problems such as Thinning of Hair, Occurring Bald Spots and Receding Hairline. This problem can be solve by many techniques such as FUE, FUT, PRP Therapy and Meso Therapy. Most important fact about Hair Transplantation is that its results are quick and long lasting. Hair Transplant In Bhopal

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